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This Has Changed My Whole Perspective on Ducks  
09:37pm 11/06/2007

On Sunday, I went out to run some errands...which isn't exactly an uncommon thing for me. It was hot outside, so I've got the windows down when suddenly I find my senses assaulted by some unidentified stench. I mean, it was really bad. There happened to be a WHOLE bunch of construction going on, so I figured someone must have opened up a sewage line and forgot to close it. Boy was I wrong. I continue driving and I'm about gagging. At this point, I've rolled up the windows, but it's too late. The smell has permeated the inside of my car. >.< And then, I see it. This swirling cloud of little black dots off the left side of the road. And I realize it's a ton of flies hovering over a dead deer. A bit nauseating, but that isn't even what got me. THERE WERE DUCKS CROSSING THE STREET TO GET TO THE DEAD DEER!! I counted two of them already standing near it and one more crossing the road (I'm doing this while cruising at 45mph). I mean, WTF? Last I checked, I didn't think ducks ate carrion, so maybe they were going over to pay their last respects? Perhaps they were attracted to the swarm of flies that had congregated and were looking for an easy meal of winged insects and squirmy maggots? The smell about killed me but I don't think it fazed them one bit. Animals sure are weird... o_O

One things for sure, I will no longer view ducks the same.

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10:12pm 22/04/2007
Yo-Jin_Bo OP Screen

Okay, I am officially addicted... Will write more later...if I can tear myself away from the game...
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Death Trance  
07:10pm 17/04/2007

I finally got around to watching Death Trance...only took me like 1,000,000 years...

Death Trance DVD menu screen 

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Under Construction  
06:24pm 10/04/2007
Seeing that I'm older (but hardly wiser), I've deleted all of my journal entries and hope to start anew. Maybe I'll actually devote this journal to somthing...maybe. Reading back over my old entries...man, I was one angry child...
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